Minutes of the Organizing Committee Meeting on 1st July 2016



18 people attended from various groups in Hyderabad. Most of them have already attended previous meetings and knew the background.

Agenda :

To discuss the progress on various committees so far and make plans for the future course of action.


 Representatives of several civil society organizations met in Yugantar on 6th June and 16th June, 2016 in which a background on the World Social Forum- What is it?, How was it formed and its importance was discussed. Dates for the proposed event on the finalized themes “Dignity, Diversity and Democracy” were fixed and various working committees were formed. It was decided to organize the event on July 30th and 31st in Hyderabad. Five committees were formed with a team and a convener to lead each of them. An organizing committee which was an open to all one was formed with the all the existing members who attended the meeting.


Below are the updates presented  and decisions taken in the meeting


Logistics :



RTC Kalabhavan, Baghlingampalli  is booked for first Plenary. It can hold more than 1000 people.


Dr. B.R. Ambedkar College, Baghlingampalli is fixed for parallel sessions .  There are several classrooms and a large open space available on the college campus.


Cultural Program on 31st evening will be held in Dr. B. R. Ambedkar College’s auditorium.


Sundariyaa Vigyana Kendra, Baghlingampalli will be booked for August 1st between 2 PM to 9 PM for second plenary. It can hold around 500 people.


Food Stalls – It was decided that since the venue is in the heart of the centre, we can manage with lesser stalls. We can inform the vendors in the vicinity about


Accommodation will be booked depending on the number of people registering for the event.


Cultural Committee:

The cultural committee gave an update that various  local groups have responded , people from outside have not responded yet.  Efforts are being made to contact more groups and list of confirmations will be given in the next meeting.


Based on the Venue, a tentative schedule was discussed in the meeting

Tenative Schedule

31st July 2016

Inaugural Session – 9.30 am – 11 am (Venue : RTC Kalabhavan)

11.00 A.M – 1.30 P.M – Fist Plenary (Venue : RTC Kalabhavan)


1.30P.M  – 2.30P.M - Lunch


Parallel session will have  4 parts.  Each session will have a duration of 2 hours. 

2.30P.M  – 4.30 P.M-  Parallel workshops Part 1 (DR. B. R. Ambedkar College)


5.00 P.M – 7.00 P.M-  Parallel workshops Part 2 (DR. B.R. Ambedkar College)


7 P.M onwards- Cultural evening


9.30A.M  – 11.30 A.M – Parallel Workshops Part 3(DR. B.R. Ambedkar College)

11.45A.M –1 .45 P.M – Parallel Workshops Part 4 (DR. B.R. Ambedkar College)



1 :45 P.M – 2:30 PM – Lunch


 3:00 – 6:00 P.M – Second Plenary ( Sundarrayya Vignana Kendram)

6:00 P.M onwards – Cultural Evening (Sundarayya Vignana Kendram)



Program Committee:

A draft of the leaflet that will be used for mobilization, website etc was approved by everybody present in the meeting. Please find attached a copy of the leaflet with this email.


The decision on whether Parliamentary forum should be conducted or not is left

on All India Team of WSF.


A call for registrations for the Parallel sessions should be sent out immediately to various groups in the country.


Speakers for the plenaries should be invited as soon as possible.  


Media Committee:

Website and Payment gateway are under construction and should be up by next week.

Press release will be sent out and press conference will be held a few times before the event in the month on July.


Mobilization Committee:

The committee has sent out the word to various organizations in the country and has requested everybody present in the meeting to spread the word. Mobilization committee will also send out a request for registration for parallel sessions


Finance  Commiitee :

Committee reported that  there is an immediate need for 80,000 INR for Venue booking and we have only  4,000INR so far. There is a need for  setting up a kitty to collect advances for organizing Thematic forum that can refunded after the funds are raised.

Following people have agreed to contribute to the kitty


1 Lakh INR Kitty required –

25,000 INR by Yugnatar

20,000 INR by Sajaya

10,000 INR by Aman Vedika


Individuals and organizations are requested to make donations as decided in the earlier meeting. Registrations will be open early next week.


ActionAid to book Sundaraiya Vigyana Kendram 1st August from 2pm to 9pm for the plenary.


Secretariat will reach out to all the committees to have a meeting early next week.


Next Organizing Committee  meeting  will be held on 9th July – 4.00 pm at Yugantar, Barkatpura.


The World Social Forum (WSF) is the largest gathering of civil society to find solutions to the problems of our time. The WSF brings together in each of its edition tens of thousands of participants to more than a thousand activities (workshops, conferences, artistic performances …)

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