Minutes of Organizing committee meeting on 16th June 2016

All Indian Thematic Social Forum Event on ‘Dignity, Diversity and Democracy’


Over 50 people representing several student bodies, civil society organizations and Academicians from Hyderabad and other areas in Telangana has attended. List of participants is attached as an annexure.


Preparation for organizing an All India Thematic Forum in accordance with the earlier meeting (see background) conducted to deliberate on the same.


Representatives of several civil society organizations met in Yugantar on 6 th June, 2016 in which a background on the World Social Forum- What is it?, How was it formed and its importance was discussed. Dates for the proposed event on the finalized themes “Dignity, Diversity and Democracy” were fixed and various working committees were formed. It was decided to organize the event on July 30 th and 31 st in Hyderabad. Five committees were formed with a team and a convener to lead each of them. An organizing committee which was an open to all one was formed with the all the existing members who attended the meeting. It was decided that the committees would meet independently to discuss on the tasks assigned to them and thereby discuss the same in the next organizing committee meeting. This meeting on 16 th June at Yugantar, Hyderabad was to discuss the program structure of the event on 30 th and 31 st July and progress of the tasks assigned to the committees.

Key Points

  • Concept Note to be approved by all the participants
  • Discussion on Parliamentary Forum on 29 th July
    a. Should we have one such or not?
    b. If we want to have such, who should be invited?
  • Discussion on Plenaries to be held on 30 th and 31 st July
    a. Students plenary – on student movements
    b. Plenary on People’s movements- represented by activists Update on the progress of tasks assigned to each committee


Decisions taken 

  • Draft Concept Note was read out and approved. The approved concept note to be sent to all the participants via email. It was decided that the concept note be translated to Telugu and other languages also.
  • No decision was taken on organizing a parliamentary forum on 29 th July involving political parties. The discussion on holding Parliamentary Forum will continue and decided only after consulting the members all over the country.
  • A plenary on student movements to be organized by the students in the morning session on 30 th July, 2016. Speakers will be invited from JNU, HCU, FTII, Periyar Study Circle IIT-M, Jadhavpur University.
  • Second plenary is to be organized in the afternoon session on 31 st July, 2016 involving activists of various people’s movements. Speakers will be invited from peoples struggles, including Niyamgiri, Kashmir, Telangana etc.,
  • Various organizations will be invited to organize parallel workshops with the themes of “Dignity, Diversity and Democracy”. Workshops will be held on 30 th afternoon and 31 st morning to afternoon.
  • Cultural committee to be formed to discuss the cultural events to be organized on 30 th and 31 st July.
  • AV College is being considered as a venue for the event. Efforts to finalize the same are still continuing.
  • Various options for food to be made available during the event such as GHMC afternoon meal, food stalls by street vendors association/other organizations were discussed. Logistics committee would look in to the affordable food options for all the participants once the venue is fixed.
  • All those wishing to put up stalls will be asked to pay a registration fee
  • Kiran from Swecha Open Software Group has agreed to work with Media and Communications committee on the website, social media and web media publicity for the event. It was also decided to explore the idea of developing an online platform to do crowd funding for the event.
  • Convener, Mobilization committee updated that they have started the mobilization drive and identified more than 100 organizations that they would reach out to. Organizing committee was requested to help identify more groups and provide the details to mobilization committee.
  • Finance committee has requested all the committees to submit an estimate of their expenses at the earliest. A rough estimate of around Rs Five Lakhs including the travel and accommodation for the invited speakers, logistics, local travel, media and publicity etc was arrived at.
  • All the organizations were requested to contribute a minimum of five thousand rupees towards organizing the event. Various fund raising  options such as registration fee for participants and sub-events to be organized by the Organizations, crowd funding etc., were put forward. All the committees were requested to keep Secretariat informed about their meetings and share updates.
  • The next meeting of the Organizing Committee will be held on July 1 st at 3.30 pm at Sundarayya Vigyana Kendram, Baghlingampally, Hyderabad . All the organizing committee members (all participants of this meeting and the previous meeting) were requested to attend the meeting on July 1 st and also mobilize others for the same.

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