Minutes of meeting to discuss organizing an All Indian Social Forum Event in Hyderabad on the theme of ‘Dignity, Diversity and Democracy’

Minutes of meeting to discuss organizing an All Indian Social Forum Event in Hyderabad on the theme of ‘Dignity, Diversity and Democracy’ Meeting organized on the 6th June 2016, Venue: Yugantar Office


Over 35 people attended representing several civil society organizations from across the Hyderabad. List Attached of Participants in Annexure I


First Meeting i.e, a National Symposium “Peoples movements in India today: Relevance of the Social Forum process” organized on February 19th and 20th, 2016, Hyderabad, which was attended by a number of civil society representatives in the city, there was a suggestion that a thematic social forum event be held in India before the World Social Forum which will be in Montreal, Canada in August this year. In the subsequent meeting in Delhi organized on the 15th and 16th March 2016, the suggestion was endorsed and this it was decided to hold a two day National Convention on Democracy, Diversity and Dignity. Possible venues were identified as Hyderabad, Bangalore and Patna. This meeting in Hyderabad was to discuss organizing this event.

key Points

  • Briefing on the World Social Forum – what it is? How was it formed? and its importance;
  • Briefing on the proposed event to be held in Hyderabad
  • Obtaining consensus on organizing this event and the title particularly referring to “Democracy, Diversity and Dignity”
  • Mutual Clarification all the queries of the attendees
  • Deciding the date for the event
  • Forming committees for preparation and organizing the event

Decisions Taken

  • 30th and 31st July were finalized for organizing an all India thematic social forum event on Dignity, Diversity and Democracy
  • Expected number of attendees for the convention is estimated to be around 1000
  • Different options for the venue were discussed eg: St John’s  Seminary, Ramanthapur, Prof Ram Reddy Centre for Distance Education, Osmania University, A.V.College. The Logistics Committee will discuss and view the venues and get back with their short list or decisions.
  • The format of the event will be plenary and parallel workshops/ self organized theme based sessions.
  • The main slogan will be based on the WSF slogan: Another India is Possible!
  • There will be one public meeting outside the venue which will invite political party leaders. The program committee will come prepared with a proposal in the next meeting.
  • The Organizing Committee for the event will be open to all - anyone can join it. All present participants are now members of the Organizing Committee. This is expected to be bolstered further by several other organizations/ persons in the future.
  • Working Committees were formed for organizing the convention. The details of the committees are provided as an Annexure II. Working Committee conveners were also identified.
  • The following Working Committees were formed with available members:
    1. Logistics
    2. Mobilization
    3. Program
    4. Media and Communication
    5. Cultural Committee
    6. Financial Committee
  • It was decided to call upon organizations outside Hyderabad also to join these committees. Others interested can also join the committees in Hyderabad in the next meeting or even before.
  • An ad hoc core committee was formed with the convenors of the committees and a few others.
  • It is expected that an all India meeting of the social forum process will be held to support/participate/include others in the event.
  • The office of the social forum will be the Yugantar office.
  • The next meeting of the Organizing Committee will be held on June 16th at 3 pm at Yugantar office.
  • Address: Yugantar, 3-4-142/6, Barkatpura, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India – 500027. Phone, : +91 40 23449193. Please do join.
  • Those present and the mobilizing committee will mobilize more organizations for this meeting.
  • All committees will come to the meeting prepared on the responsibility undertaken by them. 


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